Children's Liturgy

About Us

The Children's Liturgy takes place once a fortnight during term time at 11.30 Mass. The number of children attending the Children's Liturgy group has increased enormously over the last couple of years.

All involved in Children's Liturgy have agreed a common approach to running and improving the Liturgy sessions. We would like to share our approach and answer the key questions raised by parents.

Our Aim

The aim of the Children's Liturgy group is:

  • to promote the love of God to the children in the Parish;
  • to engage the children in the stories from the Bible in a way that they can understand;
  • to develop their understanding and knowledge of God and the Church;

What Age?

The children are split in to two groups.  The younger group are pre Holy Communion and includes pre-school children. Pre-school children are to be accompanied by a parent/guardian.  The older group are post Holy Communion which includes high school pupils. This older group take on the responsibility of bringing up the gifts at the offertory.


All children will join their respective groups, with the younger children based in the small room and the older children in the main hall. The theme of the week will be presented, discussed and illustrated by the children liturgy volunteers. The younger children are often involved in producing artwork based on the theme of the gospel. The older group often present a reflection on the message of the gospel. A closing prayer will be said at the end of each session and the children will be then led quietly back into the church. The older chidren are involved in taking up the gifts at the offertory. The chidren will then gather around the alter where Fr. Alex will share the gospel message. After a short time the children will then return to their parents/guardian.


The Team

  • Andrew Millar - Co-ordinator
  • Rhonda Brownlee
  • Sandra Burns
  • Brian Carr
  • Fiona Chalmers
  • Christine Houghton
  • Victoria Inglis
  • Scott Inglis
  • Margaret Johnston
  • Christine Pace-Balzan

We are a group of parents who are committed to sharing our faith in a way that the children can understand. We promote the values of the gospel while encouraging the children to put their faith into action.  Children's Liturgy is not about teaching the children a lesson, but about breaking open the word of God for them so that it is accessible and alive.

If you are interested in presenting, saying a prayer or reading the gospel then please speak to a member of the team or want more information then click here

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